What is Web Analytics and Why it is Needed?

What is Web Analytics and Why it is Needed?

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This set of actions with the help of special tools for working with information about site visitors. These actions include the measurement and data collection, processing and analysis of statistical data, presenting them in the form of special reports, and its subsequent interpretation. Here are all the technical and confusing. Analytics allows you to analyze user behavior on the web-site and make informed and correct decisions on the further development of the site. Every web master, whether you are the owner of an online store or a blogger finds using analytical information pluses. For example:

  • The owner of an online store after a detailed analysis will select the best option selling pages with popular commodity;
  • Blogger, evaluating data about clicks on your blog page, find the most suitable version of the form to subscribe to their articles;
  • Seo-expert, checking search engine traffic to the customer’s site, will eliminate unnecessary queries or key Adjust the most popular;
  • After a detailed visit report capture page of your site is required to improve the sales of its information products to get more subscribers.

Web analyticsweb analytics course not just a bunch of cool tools that will show the web master his entire work site. It provides knowledge on the basis of which it is possible to apply different solutions to change the strategy of the site. And this will lead to the improvement of the web resource online that will allow reaching the owner of the goals and objectives in the shortest time with high efficiency.

Reasons to engage to your site analytics

  • Do you like your website? To answer this question is fair enough to look at the work done by keeping your web resource. And what about your visitors? To find out, you need to analyze their behavior on the pages of your web resource.
  • Fortunately there are buttons, including whether the site is a feedback form, and whether or not these menus – these are just a few issues that could materially affect the usability of your site. And you can answer them with the help of a detailed analysis.

Evaluation of the general audience web resource:

general statistics: the number of visitors to the site, the number of pages viewed, the number of new visitors, the user depending on the country of residence (i.e. the IP of the computer from which he came to the site), taking into account the socio-demographic characteristics, and others.

Sources of visitors: where they came from users (estimated traffic – search, direct, advertising, etc.), statistics on the key phrases for which visitors come from search engines, etc.

Detailed assessment of attendance: the most popular sections of the site (pages that are most prepared visitors and where the longest they linger), various statistics page views alone or web resource as a whole and each metric individually (for example, the average depth view the site, the conversion, bounce rate, etc..), documents the route visits (for some waterways are viewing the various pages on the web-site), and others.

Target audience: how many visitors have made the necessary transaction on the page (for example, to order a product or subscribed blog articles), where visitors come to trust (so you can find out the effectiveness of advertising sites from which they came), and others.

Technical parameters:

Indexing by search engines: what pages are indexed, what documents are excluded and errors and other indexing.

Technical problems: broken links resource (outbound links that lead to a non-existent domain name on the Internet), 404 (transition from the site to a page that for some reason is not in the search engine index), overload web resource and others.



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