Structural and Installation Features of Sink and Washbasin

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The sink is an integral subject of an interior bathroom and toilet rooms. The main principle of its selection is:

pedestal sink

  • Size

  • Design

  • Manufacturing Material

According to structural and installation features all washbasins can be divided into:


Suspended sinks.They are very economical on the occupied space. Suspended sinks are attached to the wall with brackets or bolts. These sinks are available in various shapes and sizes, for example angular. But suspended sinks have a big minus – the appearance of the siphon and plumbing fixtures. However, such a design makes it easier to clean the room. If this is not an option, it is better to opt for a hanging shell flat shape. To this sink plumbing fittings is fed back, and not the bottom, freeing space below the sink. Thus, in order to conceal protruding pipe, a seat is possible to install a washing machine.


Sink-tulip (sinks).Is the most common type of shells. It is a pedestal leg-supporting sink. This is important when the wall which carries the wash basin is mechanically weak. This design gives the sink an elegant look hiding from sight pipe and siphon. Sink tulip, basically a little wider than standard suspension. A disadvantage of such shells is their placement height restriction associated with the height of the legs which is approximately 70-80 centimeters. This pedestal can be installed separately and can be monolithic i.e. with a bowl of a coherent whole. There is also a variety of tulip-sink called a sink on the floor,This elegant porcelain pedestal sink which solves the problem of installing the sink at the desired height. Its difference is that the semi-pedestal attached to the wall and not on the floor as well as a washbasin. Therefore, simply adjust the height of the sink unit as well as all the input lines are not visible.


Built-in sink.These sinks are installed by its insertion into the countertop tables when the standard space of the bathroom did not allow the installation of the existing kinds of shells in size. These sinks can save space by storing the bathroom in the locker underneath various detergents. In addition, all communications and hiding the pipe, built-in sink gives the bathroom an aesthetic appearance. At the bedside, the kit may comprise a variety of lamps, mirrors and various accessories.


Waybill sink.This type of shell is placed on any flat surface or countertop. Advantages of this model are the lack of joints which prevents the penetration of water and a variety of accessories that can be placed directly on the countertop. Tube in sink consignment is brought back. The space under the sink can be filled with a washing machine. The downside invoice shell is its need for large areas of the bathroom as well as high cost.



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