Sequence of actions to install smallest Pedestal Sink

Sequence of actions to install smallest Pedestal Sink

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Bowl sink is mounted on the foot-pedestal which has a sufficiently fine structure and practically adjacent to the wall. No one will argue with the aesthetic appearance which creates such a sink in the bathroom. After all, under it you will not see any discharge pipes, hoses, and corrugated tubes and therefore it will always look beautiful and harmoniously fit into the interior of the bathroom.

The sequence of our actions:



You must first prepare the location where you want to install the sink-tulip. To do this, remove the old sink. We follow a simple but very important rules and guidelines:

Blocking access of tap water by means of stopcocks.

  • Unscrew the nut holding under the sink faucet and disconnect it from the liner of flexible hoses or pipes.
  • disconnect the siphon,
  • Remove the shell from all fasteners and take out for recycling.

You can start the installation immediately or first make facing work to prepare the walls and floor and only then install the sink-tulip. Everything depends on the species of your repairs and your desires.


  • To mark the shell fixing scheme.Pre leans semi-assembled structure with a pedestal sink to the wall and through holes for mounting bolts to mark the future site of attachment.
  • After marking the drilled holes in the wall and floor.


  • From the sink drain, attach a siphon with one hand while on the opposite side to attach the mesh lining and turn the screw.The screw should be tightened with a screwdriver but not too much so as not to burst. During installation, be sure that all connections are fastened tightly and securely. Use gaskets and sealing tapes.
  • Set the sink bowl on compensating plastic lining and dowels, pins or screws, it all depends on what kind of fasteners is attached to the model of your shell.It is not necessary to tighten the end bolts or studs to score as long as you do not set foot.
  • After the suspension on the Bowls fasteners, attach the other end of the siphon to the drain.


Putting the mixer in the order as described in the instructions supplied with the model of your new mixer. All nuts and screw connections must fit snugly to the water tubes and hoses surface. If you are using an old mixer, which is still in good condition then we collect it in the reverse order of disassembly.

Step 5: INSTALLATION Pedestal Sinks

Install a pedestal which will be located inside the siphon and water hoses to the mixer.In fact, the sink bowl rests on a pedestal and its weight to press down it to the floor.

  • After installation of the pedestal, check that it fits close to the floor and the bowl.
  • Finally bolted to the wall of the bowl.
  • Greased bowl contiguity to the wall with silicone sealant or plumbing, to avoid accumulation of dirt.We do the same thing on the floor around the sink legs, to avoid accumulation of dirt during washing floors.



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