Short Pedestal Sink Installation Tips

Short Pedestal Sink Installation Tips

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The procedure is done in several stages:

  1. Mark up the wall. We need to map out the fixing points for the cup. Draw a straight line indicating the top of the building. We take the water level and check the horizontal. If OK, insert the cup into the recess on the short Pedestal Sink and combining the upper edge of the device and the layout then equipment push up against the wall. Looking at the rear of the apparatus by fasteners. We put them in pencil and mark the point.
  2. Make a hole. Drill the chosen smaller section than the dowel diameter. The holes are laying the glue that will give additional strength to the mount and firmly trying to drive expansion plugs.
  3. Prepare a place to install the base. Plot the floor, which will be on display pedestal must be even. We clean all the irregularities. If required, we perform alignment using the solution.
  4. Mount the bowl. We set the screws, check the strength of resulting fasteners and we put them on the short Pedestal Sink. We expose a pedestal making sure that the drain hole was located strictly in the construction of the center. On the screws put on special sealing. Getting them to tighten very carefully: war is unacceptable. Bowl quite fragile cracks may appear on the overload on it. Tighten the nut as long as the construction does not stop swaying. Take special plugs and close fastening them.
  5. Install the siphon. An outlet portion connects with the cup. The drain hole mesh insert with a screw and a gasket. Do not forget the gasket, which should fit without any offsets and gaps encircle the drain. Otherwise, do not avoid leaks. To sum up the sewer outlet and fasten it.
  6. We carry out installation of the mixer. To the water supply must be connected via a flexible liner, it is a special plastic hoses equipped with fittings or other related to the functional units. When installing, be sure to use the coil to isolate, for example, fum-tape, sealing compounds, and prevents leakage.
  7. Turn off the water supply, we will test the operation of all components and check for loose connections.

Recommendations how to install the short Pedestal Sink in the bathroom a lot. Often, they can read about the simplicity of the upcoming work. Indeed, the construction of special skills are not required. But we should not overestimate you. If the installation of equipment to be carried by inexperienced plumber might be more correct to entrust this work to professionals. From competent installation depends on the effectiveness and durability of the device. In addition, poor-quality installation threatens leaks when flooding occurs and other serious trouble. Performed correctly installation, whether it is conducted by professionals or independently ensures a long and trouble-free operation of sanitary devices.



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